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Healing & Preventing Pressure Ulcers among Community-Dwelling Patients

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey finds that community-dwelling seniors account for 20% of all pressure ulcers – more than 600,000 cases per year.  A 2006 publication by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that treating pressure ulcers in the hospital takes 13 days and costs $37,800 on average.  Treating pressure ulcers using Ideal Home Care would typically cost Medicare 6% to 12% of that amount with reduced or no cost-sharing to the patient. By utilizing Ideal Home Care, physicians and families can effectively manage pressure ulcers at home.  In fact, many physicians prefer intervention in the home setting where pressure sores first developed, because a direct assessment of the home environment would be most likely to prevent recurrences. 

Most patients presenting with even a stage 1 pressure sore will qualify for home health services.  A stage 1 pressure sore is a reddened area on a pressure point that does not blanch when pressed.  When community dwelling patients develop pressure sores, guidelines created by the American Medical Directors Association call for a long and comprehensive educational program for patients and families.  To allow for the amount of time and number of sessions needed for such education efforts, refer to Ideal Home Care for patient and caregiver education.

Our Caregiver Education
Includes These Topics:

Other Nursing Services:  In addition to extensive patient and caregiver education, nurses can provide effective and safe wound care including certified Wound Vac® nursing.  Ideal Home Care will also coordinate the acquisition of new equipment such as pressure-relieving devices and lifts. 

Physical Therapy Evaluation: The AHCPR’s practice guidelines regarding pressure ulcers state: “If potential for improving mobility and activity exists, rehabilitation efforts should be instituted . . .”  With the physician’s authorization, an Ideal physical therapist will promptly evaluate your patient in the home to determine his or her rehab potential.  Our physical therapists will recommend a customized home exercise program designed to provide long-term mobility improvements.





We Don’t Cap Visit Numbers

If you have experienced a home health agency saying that Medicare only pays for a certain number of visits, you may want to consider sending more of your referrals to Ideal Home Care. Medicare does not cap visit numbers. Medicare pays home health a set fee based on how sick your patient appears. Ideal Home Care provides care for as long as needed until your patients reach their skilled need goals.