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What We Do

Ideal Home Care sends nurses, aides, and therapists to the homes of patients throughout southern Oklahoma. While patients recuperate in the comfort of their own homes, Ideal Home Care provides many of the same services usually available in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, and skilled nursing facilities. This empowers our patients to avoid unecessary hospital visits, shorten hospital or nursing home stays, ensure optimal disease management, and ensure optimal recovery from illness or injury.

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Medicare Pays 100%

Because Ideal Home Care is Medicare-certifed, Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges for our services. This means qualified beneficiaries have no co-pay, no deductible to meet, no cost sharing of any kind.


Nurses On-Call 24/7


Who Qualifies for Home Health?

To qualify for home health services, a patient must meet Medicare's definition of homebound. This does not mean a patient cannot leave home. Homebound only means that due to injury or illness, leaving the home requires a considerable and taxing effort. Trips from the home are therefore infrequent. Patients can be temporarily homebound during a recovery.

Patients should also require the assitance of a nurse or therapist, not just aides. In addition, patients must receive orders from their doctor for home health services. We will coordinate these orders for you, but you must see your certifying doctor about your current health challenge within 90 days before or 30 days after your home health start of care.